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Lifeline telephone counsellors are ready to talk and listen no matter how big or how small the problem might seem.


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Other people in the community are also learning about wellness and the experience of mental illness. read more...  




T 5222 6690

T 5226 7410 (crisis line)

I have a mental illness, what do I do?


Pathways believes you can develop one of two mindsets in relation to been diagnosed with a mental illness, it can either be life transforming or life defeating.

We hope you choose to turn your experience into a positive one that leads to a new and improved you.

As our name suggests we offer people pathways and support to create and experience safe and non-judgemental community involvement and to work toward their own goals.

Pathways understands that recovery is a gradual process that requires patience and the need to create an environment conducive to growth. We also know that support makes the difference in mental health recovery. Please call us on (03) 5229 8295 to discuss your options.

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